Line Dancing to the newest Country and Top 40, along with some of the older classics!

I provide weekly Beginner and Intermediate level line dance lessons. I also host one line dance party every month to give our dancers the opportunity to come and use what they’ve learned in class. Besides local dancing, we take occasional road trips to various dance venues in Massachusetts and New York for line dancing and workshops.

I’ve been teaching line dancing since 2014. Our group has grown quite large since then. My main focus was to bring the newest country line dancing into the area, but we now incorporate all genres of music and style for all ages. So you’re sure to hear some of the best music that just makes your feet want to move!

I really enjoy what I do, as it’s more than just dancing for me. It’s the satisfaction of teaching people what I love to do and doing it with them to great music. Seeing their smiling faces when they learn a new dance that they didn’t think they could do is so fulfilling for me.

We have a large network of dancers of which great friendships have come out of. You’ll find that our friendly group will always make you feel welcome, and help in any way they can so that you feel comfortable. After all, we were all beginners once!

Along with helping with self-confidence, line dancing helps to keep you mentally and physically fit.

If you have questions, please use the Contact page to email me! The email address is linedancingwithtina@outlook.com