Hi All,


LESSONS: NO Monday or Wednesday lessons for the rest of December. We’ll be back to our regular schedule in January. However, everyone is welcome to join us at the two Open Line Dance nights below…

OPEN LINE DANCE NIGHTS for all levels: Thursday the 20th at The Tavern At The A. Thursday the 27th At The Polish Falcons.

Go to the DANCE LISTS tab to print our complete list and bring it with you for requests, or email me ahead of time and I’ll be sure to add in your favorite dance.

What to wear to dance class – No certain dress code, but be sure to wear comfortable shoes, preferably low heel, with a smooth bottom sole that will slide easily on the floor. It’s much easier on your hips, knees and feet if your shoes don’t stick to the floor. If you decide that line dancing is something you want to continue to do, you may want to invest in appropriate shoes at some point. Just let me know if you need suggestions. Also, please bring a change of shoes when possible to dance in so we can prevent the dance floors from being damaged.

LDWT Orders- Besides tank tops and T-shirts we now have zip up hoodies and microfleece jackets, in many colors. If you are interested please let me know and I can give you color options and pricing. No markup, just the retail price and cost for embroidering.

See you on the dance floor 😊